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My Food School is the ultimate online nutrition and food program that offers solutions 

how to eat clean, get healthy and overcome picky eating.


You feel healthier than ever and your family is eating toxic-free food.

By the end of My Food School you'll:

  • Identify the most harmful ingredients in foods today and avoid them entirely
  • Choose and make the healthiest drinks for your body, avoiding the dangerous ones
  • Fully understand the truths and differences between good and bad carbohydrates, proteins and fats, choosing the good ones
  • Feel super confident on buying organic, avoiding the false claims and doing it right
  • Know how to read nutrition and ingredients labels and recipes like an expert
  • Understand how to create a stellar menu plan loaded with healthy balanced meals for the entire family
  • Feel confident in having a lifetime access to my Rocking Recipes- recipes you love today that I simply added a healthy twist to
  • Know exactly how to create and implement healthy exercise and menu plans, losing weight naturally
  • Feel fearless on how to get your picky eater to try new healthy foods with ease

My Food School Modules

My Food School modules include informative fun food video lessons that will transform the way you think about food.

You will learn what to eat and why you should eat it.

Each video lesson has a correlating worksheet that propels you to take action as you learn how to implement what you have learned in the video into your daily life.

Module One: Delightful Drinking

 You will learn how to choose clean healthy organic drinks that are beneficial and delightful to the body, especially the liver, kidneys and skin (and of course, many more wonderful organs, tissues and cells of the body)! You will begin to understand the extreme importance of choosing healthy drinks and learn how to clean up your current drink status.

Module Two: Cool Carbohydrates 

 You will learn what carbohydrates are good and which are not, dispelling the many myths regarding carbohydrate diets and fads. You will understand how good and bad carbohydrates affect the insulin and glucose relationship, ultimately creating a clean eating lifestyle that will prevent diabetes, neurological problems, heart disease and many health problems.

Module Three:Powerful Protein 

You will learn the fabulous powerful proteins that promote health and well being by preventing cancer, neurological conditions and many other health problems. You will become a food ninja, understanding why to avoid the nasty proteins and embracing the body loving ones.

Module Four: Fabulous Fats

 You will master the facts behind different types of fats and how to locate them as ingredients in foods. You can save your health by being an award winning detective in knowing which foods have bad fats and ultimately, must be avoided. Tricks of the trade in this lesson lead to weight loss and a preventing disease lifestyle.

Module Five: Clean Food  

You will know what ingredients to avoid and how to determine if a food is clean or not. You will walk away from this lesson understanding the dangers of harmful food chemicals, additives, preservatives and GMOs, and how to transform into a clean eating, organic warrior.

Module Six: Finding Your Naked Moxie

 You will learn that your self perception does not truly define you. In fact, you will be given valuable life lessons on how your very own perceptions create your very own fears. This includes tackling issues that keep us from loving ourselves just as we are. You will look deep within yourself, tap into your moxie and see that weight loss comes easier when you find the inner you.

Module Seven: A Healthy Menu Lesson

 You will obtain a simply blue print on how to navigate reading ingredients on labels and recipes. Once you brilliantly master these tasks, you will become your own captain at choosing healthy foods and recipes that create health, and safe weight loss for the body. In doing so, you will be able to design a healthy daily or weekly menu that will savor your health- templates provided.

Well, you no longer have to close your eyes to picture yourself and your family eating healthy foods.  I have created My Food School to answer all your questions regarding what to eat.

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My Food School Course Includes

As a My Food School member you will have lifetime access to the following benefits...

  • Nutrition & Food Video Lessons

    My Food School has informative high quality nutrition and food video lessons that teach you what to eat, why to eat it and how to understand what the importance is behind doing so. Lessons are designed to uncover confusion and myths regarding nutrition, food choices and food conditions today.

  • Take Action Worksheets

    My Food School video lessons have effective correlating worksheets that will inspire you to implement creative strategies into you life necessary to eat well. After each lesson, your job is to do the worksheets and begin making small changes in your food choices and habits leading to big success.

  • Rocking Recipes

    Over 50 organic and nutritionally balanced recipes await you. Each recipe is high in nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins and low in calories and harmful ingredients. Clean, toxic-free and balanced perfectly for your health and weight-loss goals, providing nutritional information as well.

  • Updates

    As a lifetime member of My Food School, you will receive all recent updates which include future worksheets, updated videos, podcasts, guides, and bonuses. All material that will be added to My Food School will be yours at no extra charge.

  • Unlimted Lifetime Access

    Enjoy the benefit of unlimited lifetime admission to My Food School . Your lifetime membership provides exclusive access to all lessons, material, videos, recipes, templates, bonus material and future updates. Access is at your convenience for as long as you choose to do so.

  • Private Membership

    My Food School is a private online food and nutrition program with courses protected and accessed only through personal passwords. My Food School course material and information exchanged is private and exclusive to members only, accessible only buy a paid lifetime course membership.

  • My Food School Health Store

    The My Food School Store offers endless health products and ideas discussed throughout My Food School. You have the flexibility to review these products and purchase them to enhance your healthy food lifestyle with ease and speed. No commitment of purchase necessary to have unlimited access to our exclusive store.

Our food today is loaded with harmful chemicals that are linked to many health problems such as food allergies, Autism, ADD/ADHD, sensory and autoimmune disorders, anxiety,  digestive issues and obesity.

Eating clean, wholesome and organic is the ONLY way to protect yourself and your family from devastating consequences to harmful toxic processed foods.

Check Out Your Special Bonus Gifts 

Sign up today for My Food School and receive your special Bonus Gifts as a way of saying thank- you, and I am so excited to welcome you to my team. 

The Picky Eater Survival Guide is packed with many of my in-office solutions that I implement in food coaching sessions with my parents and their picky eaters. In this guide, I walk you through how to handle poor food behaviors such as food avoidance, explore new foods and overcome eating the same two or three food item each day. You will be happy to learn how to food map, redirect poor behaviors, and engage your child in the new journey of exploring, tasting and being excited about health foods. I share with you free behavior charts, templates and exclusive tips. (Valued at $499)

The Natural Weight Loss Guide includes two Bonus modules that works amazingly with clean eating modules. Once you know what to eat and why you should eat certain foods, you then can learn how create a weight loss plan that works for you. This guide teaches how important your daily caloric intake is when creating an effective menu and exercise plan. Each module has a correlating worksheet that will have you taking immediate action in choosing healthy recipes, finding the right exercise and  making healthy meals that work for your caloric needs and weight loss goals. I have given you menu and exercise templates, shopping lists and resources that make losing weight easy, safe and natural. (Valued at $499)

My Food School offers two jammed pack nutritional meal Bonus Videos, loaded with great ideas on how to create easy healthy balanced breakfasts and snacks no matter if you are a clean eating and natural weight-loss newbie or what your typical day is like. These meals are nutritious, perfect for weight-loss and simple to make and find in local food stores too. (Valued at $ 399)

The Amazing Resources lists and links you to all the healthy living tools introduced and utilized in My Food School. All books, apps, websites, products, digital products and services referred in My Food School are available in this printable and clickable resource index for your convenience. (Valued at $99)


Ask Yourself...

Where do you want your health (and your family's health) to be in a few months from now?

Hear What Others are Saying...

Simply amazing! This course has helped me understand the uncomplicated process to clean eating. I have been able to incorporate all these great techniques to my new everyday lifestyle. Dr. Lisa's expertise has been a life changer for me. I have been to able to finally lose those last 10 lbs that never seemed to leave my - Thank you so much Dr. Lisa 🙂

Eva C Ponce, EvaCPonce

I had read somewhere that food can help my son's sensory and attention problems, but I never knew what foods to buy and why certain foods are harmful and others are not. My Food School changed my entire perception about food. I now understand what healthy really means and what foods are best for my son and my entire family. His sensory issues have decreased and his attention has improved tremendously without medication- just healthy real CLEAN food. 

Marie Banks, My Food School Mom

After my heart attack I decided to make huge changes in my lifestyle and eating habits. I purchased My Food School and not only have I lost 50 lbs, but my triglycerides, cholesterol and glucose levels are normal. My cardiologist is amazed and advised me to stick with the principles I learned here at My Food School. Thank- you, Dr. Lisa! 

Don DeRoga, My Food School Warrior

My Food School is the first time I have ever been taught what to eat, why I should eat it and how to create a healthy clean eating lifestyle. I finally do not feel confused about so many fads and food myths out there. For once, I understand what foods to choose, why and how easy eating healthy can be! I didn't even realize the connection to feeding my son healthy foods and Autism Spectrum problems. Since I have helped him eat more healthy foods, his behavior and focus has improved amazingly! Thank you so much Dr. Lisa! 

Alex Brown, My Food School Mom

Throughout my life, I have tried many different ways to lose weight as I create healthy meals for my family, but I have always failed.  Dr. Lisa and My Food School showed me how to read labels and pick whole, organic options for me and my family.  I learned which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living. With My Food School, I stopped thinking about weight loss and began thinking that I was learning to change my life. I am pleased to say, I have lost 70 pounds and continue to lose more. I am thrilled to have purchased this course!

Lindsey von Busch Newman, LvB Public Relations

My Food School Benefits

Improve Your Health and Prevent Diseases

My Food School teaches you how to create healthy toxic-free food choices. In doing so, your current health status and your family's will improve and future diseases may be prevented as you continue living a healthy eating clean lifestyle.

Conquer Obesity Problems for You and Your Child

My Food School incorporates successful core principles necessary in feeding your family clean real food. The benefit of doing so is natural weight loss for you and your family. You will learn how to breakthrough food problems so you can get your family eating healthy foods, creating balanced menus and effective exercise plans that work for all of you.

Learn How to Get Your Family to Love Real Food

My Food School is dedicated to teaching families how to eat clean, healthy and nutritious. Families today may have food challenges that differ from one another, but can be overcome through a simple understanding of the importance of clean eating. 

Have More Energy, Look and Feel Fantastic

Choosing foods that are real and toxic- free changes the entire chemistry of the body. Learning how to eat clean creates an abundant amount of radiant glow, energy and balance in the body making you feel younger and alive. More energy will provide more time doing the very things you love!

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